Travertine & Marble tile has become a very popular flooring material through out the Phoenix Metro valley.  Read below about our profession maintenance and restoration services.   contact us via email   or  Call for free estimate: 623-878-7788

Travertine Tile

Over time, foot traffic, pets and the use of  floor cleaners combined with Arizona’s dusty environment wear down and damage the natural or polished beauty of travertine & marble tile floors.   Maintaining that fresh cleaned or polished look of your tile requires periodic maintenance.   With the help of our  professional travertine & marble restoration service your tile can be restored to new like condition which will protect the value of your investment.

Travertine and marble may also become etched from acidic liquids such as vinegar or fruit juices and may also develop pits and holes in the tile.  These issues can be remedied as part of our restoration process.   Because of its very nature, travertine and marble stone is very porous and should be sealed after each major cleaning.   The application of a penetrating sealer is the final step in our overall restoration process.

As irreparable as etched, pitted, and dirty travertine tile may seem, All Stone, Tile and Wood Restoration can restore your t.   Sometimes, Travertine & marble  flooring requires honing in addition to the cleaning  polishing process.    Our experts will walk you through the process and let you know exactly what your floor need. Below is how our process works:

We first help ensure that all furniture is moved and where needed we put plastic around cabinets, along walls, carpets, etc.

Next,  our Power Cleaning Process removes deep down Dirt.

Travertine Tile

We then polish or hone as needed to achieve the desired level of shine, whether, natural, satin or glossy.  This process takes time to achieve, but it results in an even looking stone floor.

Before polish
After polish

Next we fill holes and pits with a special travertine “epoxy” .

We then apply a good quality penetrating seal to protect the tile from stains.  Natural stone sealants  provide stain resistance that are vital to preventing stains and dirt from penetrating into your travertine.  Overtime these sealants lose their effectiveness, but they are an important part of the maintenance cylce.

Your travertine & marble floors require proper daily and weekly maintenance after professional service.

Extend the time between professional travertine & marble floor cleanings with the expert advise our technicians teach you. If you follow our easy to follow mainteance instructions you will spend more time enjoying your  floors and less time calling in the professionals to service them.

Travertine & Marble requires unique skills to properly service

The skill for proper travertine & marble tile cleaning, polishing, and sealing , can only be gained with the professional experience of a  floor care specialist. Your travertine and marble floors in the wrong hands could not only jeopardize the beauty of your tile but could also cost you more to repair it.  Inappropriate tools and cleaners will damage the surface of your travertine and marble tile. Call the experts at All Stone, Tile and Wood Restoration. who know how to take care of travertine. Since 1995 we have been providing superior floor care across the Valley.

Maintain that new travertine and marble  floor look with All Stone, Tile and Wood Restoration’s New travertine floor services in the Phoenix area.

As soon as your new travertine or marble is installed in Arizona, call us for a free estimate to clean, polish, and seal it.  Travertine and marble should be sealed after installation to protect it from stains and to give it longevity between services. Also, you may be interested in improving the overall gloss and even look with our cleaning and polishing service. Whatever you do, make sure the stone is well cleaned before any sealer is applied. We use some of the best sealers available. Ask about our free maintenance tips to help you keep your floors looking great for many years.

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