Tile surfaces that often come into contact with water are bound to require specialized care.

Cleaning tile amounts to more than blasting away dirt and dust from the surface. Unfortunately, dirt and grime may penetrate into the tile’s surface and the surrounding grout. Some tiles such as smooth porcelain tiles are less susceptible to dirt penetration, but the grout around the tile needs periodic maintenance to keep it looking good.

Your tiled surfaces aren’t clean until your grout is returned to like-new condition.

Your floor withstands plenty of traffic over time. From the dirt and dust tracked in from outside to the spills that are inevitable, there will come a time when your tile requires a professional cleaning. Water and a mop bucket may keep the nuisance of a dirty floor to a minimum for a while, but dirty grout is something soap and water alone cannot cure. Enlist the expertise of All Stone, Tile & Wood Restoration to make your grout pristine. Whether your grout requires a good cleaning or you desire a different look with a new grout color, All Stone, Tile & Wood Restoration can provide the service for just what you have in mind.

Stone Tile and porous tile surfaces require periodic professional deep cleaning.

Most stone tile is porous and allows dirt penetration into the surface of the tile. Over time the tile and grout will gradually darken as the dirt adheres to it. All you have to do is lift an area rug to see the difference. Our specialized equipment and cleaning agents will clean your tile and grout and remove the penetrated dirt. If your grout has been stained with chemicals or other liquids, we can recolor it to match the natural beauty of the original grout. Call All Stone, Tile & Wood Restoration to make your floor look new again.

Dirty surfaces make our floors in our living areas and bathrooms look old and outdated.

Dingy showers, bathroom floors and tiled countertops can give the impression of an unkempt home, not to mention what it could be doing to your health and the air you breathe. Shower mold and mildew, if allowed to persist can cause odors, impact your health and cause property damage. All Stone, Tile & Wood Restoration has the equipment to eliminate mold and mildew.

At All Stone, Tile & Wood Restoration, we provide the following services on FLOORS, COUNTER TOPS and SHOWERS.
  • Ceramic, Porcelain & Clay Tile – clean, seal, and minor repair
  • Stone Tile – clean, , polish, seal, diamond hone and minor repair,
  • Wood floors – clean, sand, stain, seal, buff and mnior repair
  • Concrete floors – Clean and seal
  • Grout – clean, recolor, seal and minor repair

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